Jeff Lear, Professional copywriter


Copywriting for Business

Attention spans are only getting shorter in today’s multitasking multimedia environment. You need a focused message that holds your audience’s attention, whether it appears in a brochure, on a Web page, or via video or audio. Lear Communications creates marketing copy that delivers:
  • A clear, concise summation of the value that you provide to your market.
  • Messages that are accurate, understandable and appealing to your clients and targets.
  • Explanations of the qualities that differentiate you from your competitors.
Stay focused on your business while we provide messages that get you noticed.

Tax, Accounting and Financial Topics

Accounting and tax professionals face unique challenges when explaining services to clients. Your clients don’t want to be experts on the topic—that’s why they hire you. But they need to understand enough about legal and regulatory changes to appreciate their need for particular services and the value that you deliver. Lear Communications will help you:
  • Explain changes in terms that your clients understand.
  • Make sure your clients hear about the latest developments from you, not your competitors.
  • Use communications to solidify existing client relationships and build new ones.
Be the professional that people want to hire.

Articles and White Papers

Professionals benefit from establishing themselves as leaders on topics of interest to their peers and clients. Articles and white papers on these topics can play a critical role in positioning you as an expert in a field that commands a premium from those who need your knowledge. Lear Communications helps clients:
  • Structure and develop professional articles that position you as an expert that your peers will seek out for advice and possible referrals.
  • Create articles for targeted client publications that explain your expertise in terms that they understand and lead them to conclude that calling you is the logical next step.
  • Strike the proper balance between showing your readers enough that they know to hire you vs. explaining so much that they decide to take tackle the challenge themselves.
Put your knowledge and experience to work for you.

Blog Writing

Any marketing expert will tell you that adding a blog to your online presence will make it easier for clients to find you. Even if clients don’t read them, the content improves your chances of being found in online searches.

Sadly, few of those experts are able to explain how to fit a regularly scheduled blog into the 60-, 70- or 80+-hour weeks that you spend serving clients. Lear Communications provides quality content with a minimal investment of your time:

  • Just a couple of short phone calls or e-mails a week can generate the topic.
  • Review a quick outline to make sure you’re happy with the concept.

Get a professionally written blog post to maintain visibility with your clients and keep you competitive in online searches.

Slide Presentations

As you grow your practice and increase the number of people seeking your expertise, you will inevitably be asked to speak about what you know to a variety of audiences. Lear Communications offers services that will help you:

  • Tailor content to the audience you are addressing.
  • Prepare slides that reinforce your expertise while keeping your audience focused on you.
  • Deliver a talk that keeps your audience engaged.

Personal appearances and webcasts can be a tremendous source of growth for your business—we help you take full advantage of every opportunity. 

Turn your audience into future clients!